RIKEN Cloud Experimental Service

The RIKEN Cloud Experimental Service provides multi-purpose virtual machines (VMs) for research activities via RIKEN network using a cloud infrastructure managed and operated in the Wako campus by Advanced Center for Computing and Communication (ACCC).
The experimental services start seriatim on April 2015.

 This service is an experimental service.
Please read carefully the terms of use before application.

The individual services

  1. Virtual computation environment service (revised on 1 Oct 2015) 
  2. CMS service
  3. Bayes: Bioinformatics AnalYsis Environment Service on RIKEN Cloud
  4. Database service for life sciences
  5. MDCS (MATLAB) service
  6. Shared computer room service (in preparation)

Support team:  RIKEN Advanced Center for Computing and Communication (ACCC)
           Please directly contact us by e-mail.


The materials for the RIKEN Cloud Service explanatory sessions can be downloaded:
 English version        Japanese version




“Experimental Service” is a tentative service that is carried out before determining whether to implement the “Official Service” or not. The Official Service and the Experimental Service are different as written below:

  • At times of maintenance there is a possibility to stop the service without prior notification.
  • When the possibility to implement the “Official Service” is determined, it will switch over to “Trial Service”.
  • On the other hand in case it is not determined for implementation the service may be cancelled without prior notice.
  • There is no operational monitoring and just as “Trial Service” the user’s manuals are not prepared.