MDCS (MATLAB) service

What is this service?

This service enables fast parallel computation using MATLAB with Parallel Computing Toolbox at individual laboratories by using MDCS (MATLAB Distributed Computing Server) on the RIKEN Cloud Experimental Service. MDCS is a virtual server with which a client can perform fast parallel computation of MATLAB functions on a cloud system. Users of this service can execute parallel computation using MATLAB with Parallel Computing Toolbox just as they have been doing but faster only by configuring a connection to MDCS of ACCC.

The users of this service hold and manage only own licenses of MATLAB and required Toolbox(es).  Additional licenses are not required to use this service.

Currently up to 8 workers are available for parallel computation.  Upon increased demands, we can implement up to 64 workers for parallel computation in the future as far as the license is concerned.


Restrictions and Matters to be attended to

  • This service is provided to the users who already have MATLAB and required Toolbox (especially Parallel Computing Toolbox) licenses. ACCC does not provide MATLAB or Toolbox licenses.
  • This service is implemented by connecting clients to MDCS using OpenVPN or Tunnelblick in RIKEN. This service cannot be used at outside RIKEN.
  • The service is provided on a multi-user basis. There is no constraint on the job control between the users.  Thus, the users are requested to make a moderate use of the service so that the workers are not wasted by useless jobs.  In addition, depending on the usage of the service, expected performance may not be achieved.
  • There is no support for the parallel programming and program optimization. The users themselves are responsible for them.
  • This service is provided free of charge for the time being.


For detailed information on this service, please contact by email at Please be kindly requested not to place phone calls and to use emails for inquiries in order for us to respond certainly.